Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creating an access point in your system

If you wish to share your LAN bandwidth through wifi or just share some file though your wifi in an ad-hoc manner (a reference to wInDoWs users), or I don't know, just to check things out, you might want to look at this project by OBLiQUE that makes it very simple: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=162895

Download the create_ap directory from git or otherwise.
No NAT or bridge needed. The script has options to set them or not. There are important dependencies. Check README or the create_ap file to find out.


systemctl disable netctl-auto@wlp6s0.service
# So that is does not conflict with "netctl-auto" managed wlan card wlp6s0

systemctl stop netctl-auto@wlp6s0.service

# So, disabling it stops it from happening over roboots
# Stopping it actually stops the service

ifconfig wlp6s0 up
# To bring the interface up (important)

Then traverse the directory and see help to set up aps.
For example, the share your LAN's (eth0) internet through wifi (wlp6s0) access point called "koboglo" with passphrase "lenovo1234", use:
./create_ap wlp6s0 eth0 koboglo lenovo1234 

I need to use --no-virt option to make it work depending on my wlan card. i.e.

./create_ap --no-virt wlp6s0 eth0 myaccesspt thebigpasswd

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