Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Installation of Arch Linux

Without being generic, I'm explaining the steps I used to install archlinux in my laptop. While applying to other hardware, most of it must be unchanged except the nvidia driver part.
I haven't covered the installation of GRUB since I use the grub of another linux installed in my computer. Also, some steps about local time etc were omitted since they do not affect me much. There might be some other steps which are specific to my laptop or my preferences which can be omitted or modified when if desired.
Here is the link to download the zip file of these 6 files together: instseq.zip

In case the link s unavailable, here is the merged content of these files, separated by a long array of hashes. They should be saved in different files called 1, 2, ..., 5 (say) and ran in the natural order. Sometimes, a file ends echoing a command which have to performed manually. It is strongly advised to edit and modify the files before running to avoid deletion or alteration of important data.

After the installation, the linux should have a working awesome window manager. For personalisation, I use the following files:
1. bashrc
2. prettify

Update: Broadcom wifi drivers are working properly after updating. But gtk2 ran into an error while updating apart from some conflicts which I resolved. Apparently, gtk2 was installed by firefox, not by the standards package installation hence there was an ownership problem, it seemed. Finally the documentation of Arch Linux saved me. Since gtk2 was the only package having problems while updating, a simple pacman -Syu --force gtk2 fixed everything.(It gives pacman the right to replace existing files of the corresponding packages which was the problem to begin with.)

Update: The following codes in the ~/.inputrc will give you incremental history search facility in xterm which means you can type a few characters of your command and press up/down arrow to navigate through your terminal history with matching initial characters:

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