Sunday, November 29, 2009

About Downloading Bengali Songs

There is a very nice FTP server viz for downloading bengali songs.

All you need to do is to open the website www. create an account. (I mean register).

Then in Linux, select Connect to Server.
Select FTP (with login)
In server name, type
port: 2121
user name: your username
Click on connect. You will be asked for the password. Type the password. You will find the newly mounted location in Places.
Open it and browse for the song. Alternatively, you can open www. and goto "search" to find the song.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beginner in Number Theory

Here is a small code for solving the problems of the following type:

Find the remainder when a^n is divided by div.

In this program, supply the values of a, n and div. You will get the remainder.

To solve the problem, we use the following property:--
If a ~ b (mod n) and c ~ d (mod n) then ac ~ bd (mod n).

Note: If you want to see the last digit of a^n, set div=10; for last two digits, set div=100 etc.

Here is the code: (Replace HEADER by stdio.h, within angle brackets)

#include HEADER
int main()
int n, i, b=1,a,div;
printf("\nEnter the base:");
printf("\nEnter the power:");
printf("\nEnter the divisor:");

printf("\n%d^%d ~ %d (mod %d)\n",a,i,b,div);
return 0;

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Switching to Linux

At last it is time to shift from so called Windows XP to the ultimate new virus free GNU/Linux system.
It started with Mint 6, codename Felicia.
1. Burn disk from the downloaded ISO file and boot from CD.
2. Select the option "Run in Compatibility Mode", which leads you to a Demo.
3. When the destop appears, you can find an icon Install Mint in the desktop.
3.5. Open My Computer and Mount all the disk drives (Media).
4. Select it and proceed to the step where you are asked to partition the disk.
5. Select "Manually" and move to the next screen.
6. Select the partition in which you want to install Mint and select appropriate format and select "/". It is the root (perhaps)
7. Select another small space for swap and select the format as swap.
8. Do NOT change the settings for any other partition.
9. Proceed through the installation process and thats all.

It took 20 hrs to complete the installation. If I had not from the windows version of it, could have taken less.