Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Automatically download torrents using bsnl Night Unlimited

Process to start the computer at specified time and shut it down after the download of a torrent is finished:--

This process can be used to wake up the computer at a specific time, to use the Night Unlimited plan of BSNL broadband to download torrents, to use batch files to connect to the internet directly etc.

  • Add a password to your user account

  • Click Start > Run and type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2, then press Enter
  • Select your user and Uncheck "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer"
  • Click Apply and give your password.
  • Right Click on Desktop and goto Properties> Screen Saver> Power> Advanced
  • Uncheck "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby". Also, goto the Hibernate tab and Ckeck "Enable Hibernate".

  • Create a batch file named "connect.bat" (say) that contains the following command:

  • rasdial "connection name" "username" "password"

    [You will get the "connection name" by going to Start> Connect To> Show all connections. The name of the connection you use to connect to the internet should be given in the field "connection name". For my case,it is "Broadband Connection".
    The field "username" should be replaced by the username of the connection name. For may case, it is "debdeep_777".
    The field "password" should be replaced by the password of the connection name.
    Keep the the names enclosed by quotes (") if it contains spaces or special characters. It is safe to give the quotes always.]

  • Click Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Scheduled Tasks
  • Double click on Add Sheduled Task> Next
  • Select Browse> Select the file "connect.bat" that you created earlier> Next> "One time Only"> Next> Set Date and Time> Next> Give password of your user account> Ckeck "Open Advanced tab when I click Finish"> Finish.
  • Goto Settings tab and Ckeck "Wake the computer to run this task" > Ok.

  • Open utorrent and add the desired torrent to the list.
  • Goto Option> Auto Shutdown> "Shutdown when downloads Complete".

  • Hibernate your computer.
  • 15. Remember to keep the power source ON till the time when the computer is desired to be awakened.

    Note: Be sure that the BIOS battery is in good order and Check the date and time settings of your computer.

    The step 1-6 describes how to apply a password to your user account but not to use it while resuming from standby of hibenation.
    The step 7 describes how to connect to the internet using batch file and DOS command and step 8-10 shows how to do it at the system resume. 
    The step 11 is the key to wake up the computer. Note that you need an "excuse" to wake up the computer at a specified time.
    The step 12-13 shows how to utilize the fecility of utorrent to automatically shutdown the computer after the downlaod is finished.

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